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Nibiru and 2012

Posted by senmut on September 29, 2009 at 9:24 AM Comments comments (1)

Sources of cosmic rays (protons, Helium nukleis,...) according official science can't be more distant then 3000LY from us. It is very unprobable, that there are only two independent sources of cosmic rays on the whole sky, what could be some black, holes, neutron stars, or any other similar object, what are accelerating cosmic rays directly toward us.

Milky way galaxy core is in other direction, the most active planetary nebulaes in Orion are also quite enough in other direction.

Hot spots close Castor and Polux so also represent object what is moving toward us circa in plane of Ecliptic, with shifts of smaller parts of spots what represents opposite yearly motion of our Earth on its orbit.

Results of Milagro survey so are two hot spots next to Orion what are actually projections of coming Nibiru... during spring and autumn equinoxes. Their appearant distance (of two spots at Aldebaran and at Castor, Polux) among stars on night sky so represent also distance of Nibiru from us circa 1,5 billions km, Saturn from us, it means arrival of Nibiru to perihelia in 3 years, in 2012!

Why are there two spots and not one bigger? It is so because when Nibiru is going toward us and Earth is circa close to Spring or to Autumn equinoxes, so motion of Nibiru is circa parallel with motion of Earth and so Nibiru is longer time appearantly on one place on sky. When Earth is close to Summer or Winter solstices so paths of Earth and of Nibiru are circa perpendicular and so Nibiru apearantly moves much quickly on sky than during equinoxes and so there are only those two spots,..

Proofs for existence of Nibiru and for Nibiru's arrival to perihelion in 2012

a. Historical proofs

b. Geological proofs

c. Astronomical proofs

Historical proofs


Description of Noe's flood-40days heavy rain,150days-water was high above the highest mountains, 150days water was receding, waters were rising and receding. -represents tidal effects of heavy body 5-20 Jupiter masses, with perihelia 100-400mil. km from us,...Nibiru circa 1 year close to perihelia, minim. distance from Earth.

Rests of Noe's ark and stone anchor discovered on Ararat slopes in height circa 1800m.

How was that possible? Nibiru sucked waters from one hemisphere to second one, so particular time on north hemisphere was circa doubled total water amount, so such way even Caucasus,..was under water longer time,...


Asirian texts with Utnapisthim's story are very similar to Noe's one.


Chinese texts from stone on top of one mountain. There is description of flood in China,...till level of everlasting snow/till circa 2000m. Description of how to desalinate land after flood!


Maya's codexes, Lhasa's codex,Hopi,...legends


Mentho's, Plato's story about flood, about catastrophical end of Atlantis 9500 B.C./in accordance with GISP2, VOSTOk ice core probes research.

Senmut map-arrival of Planet X-star map from Senmut's tomb, cca 1350 B. C., Narmer palette -depicted arrival of Nibiru approx.4300 B.C., other predynastic, 0.,1th dyn. paletten,.,Dendera zodiac, markiza Tai funeral banner 168 B.C.,texts from pyramids(Unas-Venis/5th dynasty),

Ancient oriental carpets,...many details about Nibiru's orbit abut our Solar system, about advanced technologies of previous times. Carpet motives very precisely proportionally put into architecture of outdoor, of indoor of gothic cathedrals, orthodox churches, moslem's mosques from that time.

Painting from stone near Fergana-Usbekistan, legends from that area,...time line similar to end of Atlantis.


Geological proofs

Results of GISP2 and VOSTOK projects, from ice probes from ice core, glacials from Greenland and from Antarctic. Dramatic 20deg. Celsia temperature changes 11500 and 13000 years Before Present. Mammoths, hairy rhinoceros,..and many other animals extinction, mammoths frozen on to -70 degrees with subtropical food in their stomachs, broken bones by wooden logs, big ice blocks. Temperature,...peaks with periodicity 1200-2000years, 100000year, 400000year long periods.

Periodicity of big earthquake waves approx. 1300-1700 years in Mediterranian area-coincidence with Nibiru period from Senmut map -second panel.

Significant changes in glaciation, ocean water level, till 100m, after beginning of global warming 9500 B.C.


Astronomical proofs

End of ? of Precession cycle 25000-26000 years long. There was first catastrophic end of Atlantis, dramatic temperature change 13000years ago.

2012-transit of Venus, Jupiter's aphelia, maximum of Solar cycle.

All planetoids behind Pluto, Pluto, Neptune are close to perihelia or aphelia on their orbits. Why?

Opposite motion of Sun with inner planets toward arriving Nibiru causes projection, appearant changes, such shapes of that outdoor planets,' planetoids' orbits.

North magnetic pole accelerated motion in last decades,..toward North, toward plane in direction of Orion, of coming Nibiru.. Magnetic field is weaker so that in this change velocity it would disappear after 1500years. Last such full change was 730000 years ago and this change had to be earlier than this time. There were 30 magnet. Poles switches per last 22 millions years.

Magnetic pole change about 30 degrees on Saturn in last years.

Global warming, extreme temperature changes on Earth, but also ice cap melting on Mars in last years, signif. temperature changes on other planets, their moons-Neptune's Triton, doubled tickness of its atmosphere, rising temperature,...

Water level rise, but only on north hemisphere,...rising number of extreme floods, strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, temperature records,..due to rising level of tidal forces from coming Nibiru,...especially in time about 21 jun, 23december when earth axis is in plane pointing toward Orion, coming Nibiru, when Moon, Sun, some other planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter are too circa in that direction.

Results from Milagro Los Alamos observatory 10 years long cosmic rays survey. Results are two hot spots next to Orion what are projections of coming Nibiru during spring and autumn equinoxes, represent also distance of Nibiru from us circa 1,5 billions km, Saturn from us, it means arrival of Nibiru to perihelia in 3 years, in 2012!More is on

and over there mentioned webs.

From 9km per year to 64km per year now since 1900, so this is change of speed of North magnetic pole. Earth's magnetic field is also weaker and weaker in these years. Official proposals are 1500 years till geomagnetic reversal, but I think that it could be in 2012. Period of geomagn. reversals is from 100000-1000000years, typically 780000years! Change of magnet. pole position goes from that direction where Nibiru is coming to us too, based on my research, calculations,...

Pavel Smutny