Narmer, Gisa and Malta temple's astronomy and acoustics

At meeting for satellite (which left X) with Jupiter had satellite got speed which components are:

a. nearly 18.5km/s

  1. Bode speed of satellite around X

From these components is speed 13,1km/s deducted and used for run down of Jupiter on its orbit around Sun.

In result for speed of satellite than orbiting around collecting planet (in our case Jupiter) is again involved Bode speed plus 5,4 km/s, what is (18,5 km/s-13,1 km/s). This formula is not very precise, because when we repose speeds so there must be involved members, which depend of angles of speeds.

When we look at table of orbital speeds of above mentioned planets and moons so it is clear, why were orbital speeds of planets multiplied by 1,414, or why we had added value 5,4km/s to speeds of planets in our calculations.

Planets were (most of them, mainly gaseous planets) brought to our solar system by planet X too. They have got so Bode speed, which they had also when they were satellites of X.


Escapes of planets from orbits around X happen mainly in periastron of X at Sun (reasons were mentioned yet). After ejection of planet from X so planet had got speed equal to sum or difference between components, which are:

a. nearly escape speed (equal to speed of X)

  1. Bodes speed of satellite around X

If escape of satellite happened in such configurations of bodies, that speeds add (bodies are nearly on one line going through Sun, X and considered satellite), than this satellite could escape from solar system in direction somewhere to Alpha Centauri.

If escape of satellite happened in configuration of positions (nearly line through Sun, satellite and X), so satellite (perspective planet) left orbit around X and ended on independent orbit around Sun with speed equal (minimal) to escape speed of X minus Bode speed (speed of planet around X).

When X is in periastron (distance circa 120 millions km from Sun), so thanks to approach of quite heavy X (25 x mass of Jupiter) incomes to changes also on surface of Sun (higher Sun activity, X can attract outflows of particles, of mass, can influence electromagnetic field of Sun).

Maximal Sun activity is coming up.

Changes in number and in positions of planets (their sizes too) in our solar system could be, based on here yet mentioned facts, much often and more radical, than how it was supposed till now.

Planet X is thus carrier for planets and for moons, which have probably origin in place of production of stars and of planets in nebula M42 in constellation Orion. Egyptians called that place Duat or birth - place for gods (actually of stars and of planets).



Common signs for clues on Senmut astronomical map and on Dendera zodiac

Except some, till now yet mentioned connections there are on both scenes used common (action) elements as motions of man holding stick, motions of stars and of falcons. For more visual projection is necessary compare pictures, for example den1soznakmibh and senmutpce.

Figure of man with stick is on astronomical map displayed at some, for motion of X toward Sun (also toward Earth) important places. Here are points in which X had crossed orbital path of Uranus, points after (X was) passing orbits of Saturn, of Jupiter, before and after moments, when X had tilted (turned over) Earth. Man (holding stick or rod) is in similar positions also on record on Dendera zodiac. The same analogies pay also for motions of stars and falcons. Important is also comparison of angles (concerning to plane of ecliptic), in which was X seen on sky. Passing of X through plain of ecliptic is recorded on Senmut map but also on Dendera zodiac.

Path of X (according Senmut map) during approach of X to Sun is sinking from angle of visibility (as was seen without binocular) on sky around 20 degrees above plain of ecliptic till nearly 20 degrees under ecliptic. There are the same angles on corresponding positions on Dendera zodiac.

Why are records (for positions of X from sky) on Dendera zodiac and on Senmut astronomical map so visually different? On Dendera zodiac are positions of X (concerning to constellations of zodiac and to one of sky half spheres) depicted to circular map. This map is plan of half sphere (of sky) to plain. This map is very well showing directions and angles in which was X seen on night, eventually shorter time also on day sky.

There are painted not only directions and angles on Senmut star map, but also distances of X from Sun (from Earth). Plan of distances of X from Sun is done to plain, which is normal on main half axis of path of X. Here are relatively precisely depicted distances of X from main half axis for X, so also length of side half axis of X.

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Microwaves, optics, acoustics and ancient Egyptian temples



If we let person familiar at least with basics of computer technology, or even better person experienced with construction of microwave circuits in bands above 1 GHz to see plans οf Valley temple at Sphinx, or of Mortuary temple at Chaphre pyramid, of Mortuary temple at Menkaure pyramid, or also of Osereion from Abydos, whether of temple of Hor from Edfu, so he tell you, that these plans are schemes of PCBs (boards for electronic circuits). It pays in case, that you do not say him, what sort of plans these actually are. For example I mention interpretation (also with schemes) of equivalent circuits, where are places for processor, (CPU), BIOS, RAM, Registers and everything is here linked by so called microstrip lines, on which are formed inductions, capacitors, filters, mixers, splitters, resonators, matching circuits, feeders and other electronic components. These plans so look like schemes of electronic circuits working on quite high frequencies above 1 GHz (Gigahertz), with use of so called components with distributed (spread) parameters. These components are of such sort, that top conductive layer is formed to various shapes, which work as inductions, capacitors, resistors, filters, resonators, or have similar functions. Advantages of so produced circuits are very good functions and low losses on high frequencies. Different from classical electronic circuits with use of discrete components, producers began to use microstrip lines only in 80th years (of 20th century), in at that time superior high frequency devices. Some years I had also worked in development at testing and in production of active and passive microstrip line devices for band of intermediate satellite frequencies (900 till 2300MHz).

Because microstrip lines are very similar (with their frequency properties) to waveguides, so was possible to compare vestibules, chambers and rooms joined by corridors (tunnels) to microstrip lines.

Appropriate theoretical formulas for description of electromagnetic facilities of here mentioned microwave circuits and components are for example in Stripline circuit design (Harlan, Howe, JR) Microwave Associates Burlington Mass. (Chapter 6).




picture Chephrenobrtext1anglslov







picture chafretem111






picture Menkau4angltext









 picture Menkau5





picture edfuplan1





picture edfutempleplan










On the ground of, that similarity of electrical schemes with real plans of buildings complexes not to be regarded only for accidental I state exact functions of particular circuits with frequency bands for which they should been used and what happened wit signals during passing through these circuits. Important is to imagine, that stone blocks and whole background material, side walls and ceilings are as dielectric material (substrate) of PCB's, while rooms, chambers, tunnels are conductive parts for waves.

Stone blocks from limestone and granite's sheaths are dielectrics with relative permittivities from interval from 4 till 10. Free space inside of buildings is actually interior of waveguid lines with relative permittivity of air (1), or of water (around 80), if spaces were flooded. Important so were differences of permittivities or of indexes of refractivities (if we compare systems to optical cables, where lossless transfers of signals were possible thanks to different indexes of refractivities) between used materials on contacts of these materials.

Fact, that dimensions of temples, of their chambers, rooms, corridors were many times bigger than dimensions of their plans (of electrical circuits) speaks only it, that were used various sorts of waves with different wave speeds and lengths (these in direct ratio influence construction dimensions).


Valid is general (for electromagnetic or acoustic or other similar field) wave equation f = (1/c2) . δ2f / δt2

and for own frequency of closing vessel with dimensions lx, ly, lz pay: fn = (co/2) . {(nx/lx) 2 + (ny/ly) 2 + (nz/lz) 2}1/2



Significant are also permittivities, refraction indexes and conductivities of used materials, which also influence total dimensions of buildings and of inner spaces.

Pyramids were initially covered with polished stone sheaths, what could increase their efficiency as (it is only comparison) cassegrain dielectric horn, which could been used as primary feed for immense mirror placed deep in earth under pyramids. That reflector maybe formed underground lake, or even dividing area between layers of earth shell.

If plans of temples are diminished in such scale, that their dimensions are in order centimetres and then are (plans) analysed, so Valley with Mortuary temples (at Chaphre's pyramid) form circuit, where two input signals are combined, (for opposite direction it is divider or hub) after entrance through two entry in Valley temple. Simultaneously are circuits matched, signals are filtered and tuned on particular frequency band, which is only passing lossless. After input to Mortuary temple is impedance matching and signal goes through bandpass filter and feeder to another chamber, where was amplified or otherwise processed (this room looks like place or socket for integrated circuit). After it is space with interconnected chambers, which forms combs structure (1/4 wave coupling components) with matching of impedance for proper adding or splitting of weaker signal from main one. These combs can be also filters, or accelerating lines for amplifier. Consequently main signal enter or outcomes from space of pyramid, which worked as dielectric resonator and at the same time as feedhorn (primary feeder) for receiving and transmitting of signals probably from and to cosmos. Whole circuit so worked in duplex (bidirectional) mode. Splittered signals from small comb were also filtered. It could be also someway sort of modulation of stronger signal by help of weaker.

For clearer image of functions of individual chambers, rooms, tunnels in temple complexes look on picture chafretem111. Basically rooms and tunnels through signals go straight, if are long m.L/4, where m is even number work as resonators, so they pass waves with wave lengths equal to L. Rooms and chambers with lengths n.L/4, where n is odd number are as signal traps. Elements connected to main line as branches if have lengths in even (odd) numbers reflect or absorb signals with wavelength L. Direct lines with branches (are similar to capacitors an inductors variously connected in electric circuits) make together structures of filters (low-pass, high-pass, parallel, serial oscillators), depend only how long or broad are particular segments.


Here is more precisely decomposed function of one part of Valley temple complex.

Detailed analyse of spaces after two main entrances to Valley temple at Chaphre pyramid says, that signals passing (coming in) entrances go without significant losses to point where are joined (distances from entrances to this point equals m.L/4). Signals from one main entrance but can not enter to second main entrance and opposite (vice versa) without big losses, because their distances are equal n.L/4 (n is odd number and so losses and reflections are maximal). This works also for opposite direction, and so this part of complex is very well compensated combiner or hub.


When and for what purpose were built mentioned temples?

These objects are very old buildings, from which the oldest parts are for us the most interesting, because they have the most specific structures and are dated to earliest period, even before time of oldest pyramids. Temples are made from very heavy stone blocks with weights between 50 till 200 tons, what is indeed too much. Even now there exist only some cranes able to lift such weights. Buildings because were built from so immense solid blocks were very steady, and were able to withstand for example blast of water (if flew through) or stone flood, earthquakes without damages. Thanks to their massive construction also they exist till now.




What was real purpose of those monumental systems?


Mainly in later time (according recorded messages about rituals for so called initiating of priests from Egyptian sources) could been in temples performed something as sound therapies, which purpose was to induce in initiated people euphoric or higher states of consciousness, or enable to receive, to transmit, or to amplify waves. If there were processed only sound waves, so these can be transferred only to borders of atmosphere. Dimensions of tunnels, and rooms are some meters and for acoustic waves so were amplified and passed only frequencies from band around 10 Hz. This value is calculated from assumption, that 1/4 wave resonators (some larger rooms in complexes) used as band-pass filters have widths more than 10 meters and because from formula for phase velocity of waves is λ.f = c, where λ is wave length, f is frequency and c is speed of waves (now for acoustic ones) in air under condition for 1/4 wave resonators λ = 4.width. Maybe they manipulated with brain, telepathic or other similar waves, whereas frequencies around 10Hz are typical for human brain. There were practiced not only simple sound wings for spectacular ceremonies, but was used severe procedures, with for us not clear scope.


Because whole complexes are robust and there was easy approach to water from Nil, so emerges idea, that water was used as conductor, or at flow even as medium for generating of electromagnetic waves and of electric current on certain frequencies, which were (by the help of shaped chambers, rooms, tunnels) selected, amplified and transmitted or received. So those objects were very selective and powerful devices for reception of very slight and for transmitting of very strong signals.


Complexes were used as power stations alike to present hydroelectric power plants. Produced electric energy was probably sent (after conversion to some frequency band) on geo-stationary orbit for satellites and after it from over there distributed back on various places on Earth's surface or to free space for space ships.


Daniel Perez, who is administrator of web page: compared plan of Horus temple to PCB board with places for processor, BIOS, RAM, registers, memory cash, coprocessor, busses, arithmetic unit. Temples maybe were built according someway preserved or copied schemes, which authors were extraterrestrials or older technically or spiritually matured civilizations (see pictures).


Priests (call them so far so) in temples with such structures were able simulate mutual interconnections among participated persons on mental level. Product was somewhat as computer net or higher cooperating entities, and thank to them was possible to exploit brain and spiritual capacities an abilities on much higher level. They maybe produced abilities about that we don't have even vision. Purpose could be to produce something like super person for particular use and time. Important is not to underrate abilities of our ancestors, or of perished cultures, because our civilization is very materialistic and due to matter we don't see spirit, who we have tendency underestimate. We think, that we know nearly everything, and only with help of our top technique is possible progress.

According plans of mentioned complexes I had PCB's made, on which is important to test real functionality of electric circuits according assumptions. Significant is mainly to choose suitable scale for PCB's patterns, relatively to used dielectric material of substrate and to its thickness. Circuits should be impedance matched to frequency generators and to spectral analysers (they have usually 50 or 75 inputs and outputs), which are used for testing.

Possible is also to make analyse of free spaces dimensions of monuments, what was also done and is depicted on picture n. 3.

This analyse support hypothesis, that described temples complexes were built according plans of constructors, who knew minimum basics of field theory.



Cross connection among astronomy and meteorology with astrology

Many so called conservative astronomers and meteorologists maybe now in horror (for what I am trying to do here) upset eyes, or diver faces from reason, not to hear or see something what is not in coincidence with their cock-sure belief. Maybe there are also such persons, which hold to the end and will do reading of this chapter.

From reason, that continuities should be comprehensible I try to simplify thoughts and calculations, but only to rate, when there are still not distortions or misting up of facts or of nexuses.

What are influences of planets, of Moon, of Sun on weather (climate) and on its extreme fluctuations? Fact, that for example Moon at suitable constellation with Sun is causing tides (on some, especially oceanic coasts it is more than 10m high tide) is well known. If we consider, that sky (nebulas) are some way similar to water masses (there exist also currents, flows, rise layers, which shift one on another) and gravitational forces from Sun and Moon don’t distinguish what type of state handle, so in masses of air, moisture (in clouds) incomes to ebbs and flows, to air circulations someway too. These processes can easy cause accumulations of clouds, can arise cold or warm air fronts. Can also planets cause similar effects? At first look, reflections of most people, which know Newton’s gravitational law are such, that on very long distances among Earth and planets are gravitational forces (their intensity falls with square of distances) too small and their importance too low (though some planets are much heavier than Moon). Why is it not so? If we use calculations for example for Jupiter, we find, that its gravitational force in compare with gravity from Moon is nearly 100 times lower. Gravitational force from Moon but is compensated by centrifugal force (system Earth with Moon does circular motions around common centre of gravity). From gravitational force of Moon so rests only part, proportional to k.d/L (it is approximately k/60), where d is Earth’s radius, L is distance from Earth to Moon, k is constant, which depends on position of particular place on Earth’s surface.

Earth with Jupiter doesn’t make common circular motions around common centre of gravity, and so gravitation from Jupiter is not compensated by centrifugal forces. Here is also significant difference in lengths of time intervals, in which bodies affect on particular areas on Earth’s surface. Moon encircle Earth once per one nearly month. Fluxes of air (clouds, fields of humidity) are pulled in direction of Moon’s motion around Earth. Thanks to Earth’s spinning around axis can tidal forces work with maximal efficiency to particular direction only in order hours (for maximally +-45 degrees angle deviation from chosen direction it is ¼ from 24 hours), so it is ¼ of one Earth’s circle around its axis. Concerning that Earth’s axis is not vertical on ecliptic plane and also plain of Moon’s circulation around Earth is not parallel with ecliptic, so vectors of tidal (from Moon) forces for some direction put together for some time, for some days (their sum is not zero). It is for angle +-45 degrees ¼ of 27 days, after it forces begin to put together to the opposite direction. Earth’s axis has got tilt to ecliptic (around 23,5 degrees) and because Earth also doesn’t orbit Jupiter or vice versa, so gravitational forces from Jupiter can work some months from particular direction (for +-45 degrees angle it is nearly ¼ from 365 days), and are not compensated by axis rotational motion of Earth, while though Jupiter’s orbit is nearly the same as ecliptic, is Earth’s axis in angle 76.5 degrees with ecliptic. From view of point long time intervals influences of gravitational forces on particular Earth’s place (relative to particular direction) can be sums of gravitational forces (even more by them done work to some direction) from planets even larger, than that one of Moon. For gross sum of such results is the most important fact, that Earth is orbiting around Sun once per year (365,24 day). So for particular direction (for instance +-45 degrees) are results of sums of various gravitational planetary forces (and by them done work for exact direction) are putting together (without inter compensation) for time nearly ¼ from 365 days. If we consider masses of planets and their distances from Earth during years, so the most significant is gravitational influence of Jupiter then it is Venus, Saturn and Mars. During analysis of situations on sky (orbital positions of planets, of Sun and of Moon against Earth) from 15 June 2002 was visible, that there were commonly worked planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars), so those, from gravitational point of view the most important. It was longer time (months), when planets were in direction from Sun. Gravity (especially tidal parts) from sun and Moon were amplified by gravities from mentioned planets. Maximal forces were in days, when Moon was in given direction of planets cluster. If in those days were strong rains (on large areas about 300mm water per square meter during only some days), could rains intensity been supported by grouped planets. Clouds were pulled to some Earth’s places (with some longitude and latitude). When we consider, that redundant 10cm water slope opposite something like standard caused rise of water level in some rivers (Danube, Elbe, Moldau) about 4m, so is visible, that something (we can call it efficiency) on some places was 40 times higher. At another consideration, that for example Danube is thousands km long and at change of slant only about100m per 1000km of river can enforced tidal forces develop amplified flood tide also in river (high water or flood tide exist also in normal case mainly in deltas of rivers and can cause, that these rivers flows some time against normal direction like Thames or Amazon). Important for these effects are shapes and directions of water - courses. As a result of mentioned tidal waves is higher level of water in affected rivers. If in befallen regions longer time stays lower atmospheric pressure, so is also under earth water pushed up by enforced capillary elevation (this depends from atmospheric pressure too). What else can cause grouped planets? It is also pressure and shifts in earth layers, which are source of earthquakes, of volcanic activities, of strong electromagnetic impulses. Important is also, that Earth has got shape of geoid and this shape of surface eliminates stable gravitational, centrifugal, centripetal forces. If there are but not stable or very regular forces of mentioned sorts, so geoid can’t compensate them and they can be very significant. Here is also important reason why should meteorologists, seismologist, astronomers, astrologists and another expert cooperate and try to find what them unite, not what them divide. It is important to make computer programs, which implement also gravitational influences of planets, Sun, Moon on weather or climate and on similar things.

After comparison of shapes, directions and lengths of totality bands of partial or of total Sun’s eclipses on Earth’s surface (places where are visible particular individual eclipses of Sun) with shapes, directions and lengths of mountain ranges is emerging hypothesis of formation of most mountain massifs by assistance of gravitational forces from Moon, Sun, planets and from planet X. Younger mountain ranges have lengths usually some thousands km and deviate from direction of parallel lines only some degrees, or their directions are nearly as meridians. Similar directions have also bands of eclipses (we consider for example all eclipses during time of Saros cycle (approximately 18 years and 10 days), when Moon’s orbit has again opposite to Sun and Earth identical positions of nodes, what are points, where Moon’s orbit crosses ecliptic’s plane). After consideration of huge gravitational pull at extreme close approach of X to Earth and at fact, that Earth is rotating around own axis, what is in direction of parallel lines (latitude), were ranges of mountains sucked (pulled out) from ground plates also approximately in these directions, but in moments of Earth’s poles redraws, when attractive forces were strongest (at minimal distances from Earth) directions had also rapidly changed on nearly parallel with meridians. Compare pictures worldmap1, saros2020, sarosorbit.

On picture worldmap1 is geograpohical (physical) map of world.


picture worldmap1



Picture saros2020 shows bands of total eclipses of Sun during years 1995 till 2020. After every cycle Saros these bands shift their positions and partly change shapes.


picture saros2020



Picture sarosorbit represents schematically (but not in real scale) ecliptic’s plane with positions of Sun, Earth and here is painted orbit of Moon with ascending and descending nodes too. Angle for slope of Moon’s orbit toward ecliptic is also here.


picture sarosorbit




If mountains were lifted only during so slow bulging of earth’s plates in places of theirs contacts, so at so sluggish lifts they should have shapes similar to huge wavy uplands not to sharp summits of Alps or of Himalayas. Influences of weather and of vegetation at orogenisises, which had to take hundreds thousands, or millions years had to smooth emerging mountains into forms very different from how are these very sharp peaks in present highest mountains. Orogenical processes ran probably not only as slow risings of terrain with speed millimetres or centimetres per year, but there existed also much more significant changes caused by X’s gravity at its approaches to Earth to minimal distances (not each regular approach).


Another reflection involves possible gravitational influences of planet X on Earth for case, that X is in distance about 5 billions km from Sun. it is in front of entrance among orbital area of planets. There can be X observed only by stronger telescope (if somebody is able to find X over there), because is possible, that it is dwarf or neutron star, not hot and light star with dimensions similar to our Moon, but with mass around 25 times mass of Jupiter (according my calculations placed also on web page At this mass and at mentioned predicted distance and at angle of income (about 20 degrees above plane of ecliptic), is gravitational force from X similar to Jupiter’s gravity force (on Earth), but long time effects are stronger, because path of X is quite high above ecliptic, and so its gravity is not very eliminated by axis Earth’s rotation. X should come from area around constellation Orion and it is also direction, where were planets during floods in central Europe! X is so possibly in distance (less than 5 billions km), from which comes to Earth after little more than 10 years!

Another interesting connection among floods on Elbe, on Danube, on area under Caucasus and on lakes and rivers in central China in this year are geographical positions of these places, which lie on curve similar to one of eclipses band. It can support theory with important influence of orbital planet’s positions on rise for floods or for other natural catastrophes. Places, where gravitational forces from planets had maxima were also in that time localities of big floods.

At reminiscence on summers in years not long time ago (1992, 1993, 1994,) emerge very hot and dry months in whole central Europe region. In that time gravitational strongest planet Jupiter occurred on opposite side to Saturn (on line Jupiter, Sun Saturn), than in these years. Influences of Saturn were so contrary to present time. Jupiter compensated mainly forces of Saturn.

 Jupiter with Saturn is nearly in lining-up periodically after 20 years. Saros cycle of Moon is 18.6 years. So we have approximately 20 years long periods, which can have influence on global weather (climate). That it should be so, is also visible from graphs of temperature records from Australia since 1910. There were 4,5 sharp temperature maxima during last 90 years, what is 20 years periodicity. Australia's records are probably very suitable for such researches, because climate is over there more stable (relative flat country, not rangy coastal line, regular oceanic stream) than in Europe, or in North America.

picture austrtemp



What is probably wrong with whole global warming theory? Human activities are responsible, according serious experts only for about 20 percent share of warming and due to it for ocean level rises. What is source of rest of warming on Earth, but also on Mars (southern ice cap melting)? Why are temperature changes, warming in whole our solar system? High probably is responsible for it arrival of so-called Tenth planet (or another its name is planet X, Nibiru...) to central part of our solar system. Gravitational, gravitational tidal (maybe also magnetic) forces of Tenth planet, what is probably dwarf or neutron star can cause it (this warming).

Simple reflection

If during global flood ocean water had been sucked from southern hemisphere on northern hemisphere so, that water level had risen on northern hemisphere minimum about 2 km (it is written in Bible [1], in Chinese [2] and in many other writings and legends). Planet X was in around 40 millions km (minimal distance) from Earth [4,5] and so after it:

Gravitational force from Planet X (Nibiru) affecting on Earth [3] is proportional to Mm/(LL) in distance L from Earth, when M and m are masses of Planet X and of Earth. If distance L between these bodies is 4 billions km, so after it gravitational force from Planet X is on Earth's surface nearly 10000 smaller than from 40 millions km. Water level change is so for this distance (4 billions km) from Earth maximum 20cm.

Gravitational tidal force from Planet X (Nibiru) is proportional [3] to Mm/(LLL) in distance L from Earth. This force for 4 billions km distance is 1000000 smaller, than from 40 millions km. Water level change is so for this distance between Planet X and Earth (4 billions km) maximum 2mm.

Real value of water level change (on Earth) caused by planet X is for this distance (4 billions km) something between previous two numbers. This is only simple reflection, because exact calculations should involve gravitational influences of other planets, influence of Sun. If planet X is dwarf or neutron star, so magnetic field in shorter distances from Earth could be significant too.


Extreme (with parabolic dependency) change of water level in last 20 till 40 years (it is together more than 20cm) can be caused high probably by arrival of Planet X to central part of our solar system (around 1500years periodicity).

Another appearances for planet X coming: global earthquakes recorded (4. 3. 2003), gravitational waves from not known source with wavelength 4,3AU, unusual floods in Europe, in Under Caucasus area, in China- with my detailed explanation on web pages [4, 5]. 

Next significant fact is, that water level rises [6, 7] mainly on northern hemisphere and also Planet X should come according my calculations and reflections placed on web pages from northern part of sky, from places located northern above ecliptic plane.

Now is planet X according these data (total increase of ocean water level during last 100 years was approximately 20cm) and according calculations from this article in distance less than 4 billion km from us, what is maximize about 10 years to closest approach of X to Earth!!!


Our solar system as dynamic complex


We know about our solar system quite a lot, but there are enough of not explored things too. One of such secrets is fact, according which planets (most of them) rotate around their axes quite quickly. Calculations, which are based on data, that lengths of days are longer (32 second increment per 37 years, what is about 2 milliseconds per day) show (there were done many researches and measurements with precise atomic watches since end of 1950’s and main source is The Sub-bureau for Rapid Service and Predictions  of Earth Orientation Parameters of the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), located at the USNO, monitors the Earth's rotation), that after millions years should this Earth’s rotation around own axis nearly stop. It is relatively long time, but if we suppose, that existence of our Earth (planets) is some billions years, so our planets had to stop theirs axis rotations long time ago (because there exist frictions for bodies in open space, resistances of surrounding material and fields and tidal forces from Sun and surrounding planets, moons). Rotation times for planets should be slowed down on level similar to Venus or Mercury (axis rotation times are 243,01, respectively 58,65 days). Why is for example Jupiter rotating so extremely quickly, but also Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even Earth, Mars? On another side we have planets near Sun (Venus and Mercury), which are revolving around axes very slowly.

There exist two main reasons for existences of mentioned quick rotations.

  1. Impacts of comets, asteroids or even bigger bodies.

There are reliable geological records about impacts of mentioned bodies to Earth during last 100 millions years or in even longer time. It is clear, that last larger hit to Earth, which could cause significant change of Earths axis rotation time happened 65 millions years ago and caused extinction of dinosaurs. This asteroid owing to its big kinetic energy (which at dimensions some tens km in diameter at speed more than 40 km per second during bump) changed Earths axis rotation speed maximum about 10 percent in compare with present level. After so long time since that impact Earth had slowed its axis rotation more times. Frequencies of such huge impacts of comets, asteroids to other planets are also low and efficiencies are inconsiderable. This possibility is so not very probable.

  1. Approaching of massive body (eventually of body with extremely strong magnetic field) on distances in order millions or some tens millions km to planets.

When such massive body comes too near to planets are orbital paths of planets curved and planets obtain axes rotations. If body (for example dwarf or neutron star) has got strong magnetic field, so at approach to specific planet is this (planet X) as if rotating magnet creating with metal core of planet something like stator and rotor of electric motor. Thanks to induction is planet spinning after it more quickly. If there are regular (periodical) arrivals of mentioned heavy body to planets, so they can retain considerable rotation speeds. There must be approaches (of X) to planets minimal once per some millions years. Though, planet X on its orbital path (high eccentric) comes to central part of our sun system once per 1500 years (look at web page, calculations and pictures senmutpc13, nibirudraha41, nibiruobr3b, senmutorbit) and if there are only two critical approaches of X (when plains of path of X and of particular planet are nearly parallel) during precession cycle (25800 years), so to acceleration of spinning of particular planet can happen once after nearly 13000 years. Planets during arrival of X don’t have every time maximal closest positions to X, so it comes to significant accelerations of axes spinning only after some tens thousands years. Planet X is something like engine or pendulum, which gives rotations to planets and shifts their orbital paths. In system with rotating parts after longer time must everything adapt on this rotation, because there should not exist bigger losses of energy or friction forces. Our solar system contains planets, which are here millions (some of them maybe billions) years and had done many thousands (millions) turns around Sun. If X is here like orbiting sphere longer time, so also motions of planets had to someway synchronized with it. Whole our solar system so works as something similar to watches, where each wheel fit into and rotate without unnecessary resistance.

Orbit of planet X is different from nearly circular orbits of planets, which are even placed nearly to one plain (ecliptic). X has got as orbital path very elongated ellipse (eccentricity around 0,955) and so X works like to pendulum, which gives motion to planets and keeps their quasi stable speeds. X at arrivals (to periastron) accelerates planets, which circle little slower (opposite to standard) and slows planets with higher speed (than standard). See pictures. X is so like synchronizer in our solar system in this configuration, which exists now. If it was not such way (without synchronization), so planets had to bump each other after longer time and their orbits should be more eccentric, not placed to nearly one plain. Why Venus and Mercury (different from other our planets) spin around axes slowly? One reason is, that they are too close to Sun and so there are stronger friction forces for rotation (sun wind, sun’s tidal forces…) Another reason is fact, that periastron of X is high above orbits of Venus and of Mercury, while gravitational forces from Sun are over there relatively higher in compare to gravitation from X.


Astronomy and mystics of pentagram of hexagram and of triangle with omnivisible God’s eye

At careful analyse of connections at depicting of 5 and 6 tip stars (also with symbolism, which accompanies these signs) emerges relation on planet X and especial on its orbital path. Hexagram (Jewish 6 tip star) is often circled by snake, or by long dragon, that is eating own tail. Pentagram is tied often with snake twisted to number 8 and put into circle. Omnivisible eye has got inside signs for orbits of inner planets. There are everything indications for importance of numbers 3, 5, 6 for analysis (mystic) for X’s orbital path (often painted as variously coiled snake or dragon). It is not necessary to commemorate, that mentioned symbols are part of something like heraldry of Masons, Rosecrucians, but also of Jewish and of Christians.

pictures sattal,















Traditions of churches, of cults or of spiritual societies have preserved symbolic depictions for positive and also for negative gods or for cosmic forces. During ages were probably these symbols or signs little, but not significantly changed, because there were religious or other threats loaded for modifiers. Also as consequence of secret and magical power ascribed to these signs had artists trembled to change used symbolism.


According data and calculations from mentioned web page planet X has done 18 orbits in last 25800 years long cycle. If according my assumptions gets to spinning of X’s path around its half main axis, so every 9th orbit is critical (two times per 25800 years), when plain of X’s orbit is nearly parallel with ecliptic plane and such situations are also suitable for planetary catastrophes. Uranus with Neptune gets to lining up toward Earth once per 171,37 years. Lining up of these planets is on relatively the same place (to positions of Sun opposite near stars) after 4300 years (171,37x 25.09). If we multiple this time by 6 we get length of precession cycle. If Uranus and Neptune are on their orbits quite close during arrival of X, so path of X could be significantly curved thanks to mentioned two planets. We work so with these parts of precession cycle (1/18, ½, 1/5, 1/6). For number 18 pays 18=6.3, 25=5.5, and so we work with numbers 2,3,5,6. Saturn circles Sun once per 29,46 years, Jupiter it makes in 11,86 years (5x6 and 2x6 years). Even more precise results we obtain if we change present length of years to length, which was probably before last global catastrophe and it was 360 days, so there were 12,025 and 29,87years long orbital cycles for Saturn and Jupiter. Here are again numbers 2,3,5,6 and their multiples. If we divide circle on 2,3,5,6 parts with the same lengths, we can paint easy pentagrams, hexagrams or triangles. It is clear, that used numbers detached to precession cycle give time intervals, when effects of X at approach to Earth (planets) were or could be maximal.

Bonds among axes rotation times of X and of planets Neptune and Uranus (15,8 and 15,5 hour), for Saturn and Jupiter (10,233, 9,841 hour), for Mars and Earth (24,623, 23,935 hour) results from vario of angles among (path and axis of rotation for) X and axes of rotations for individual planets. These angles can cause also various effectiveness for spinning caused by electromagnetic or gravitational field of X. Here are again numbers (2,3,5,6 and their multiplications or ratios…). Because here are also angles, so these numbers are not so precise.


             Texts from pyramids

Texts from pyramids were officially discovered by professor Gaston Maspero in five relatively unknown pyramids from 5th and 6th dynasty in Sakkara. There are total about 4000 lines, which origin is also according conservative estimations coming under to era around 3200 B.C. The most of texts, which are also the oldest, is in Venises (Unases) pyramid. Venis was the last king from 5th dynasty (reigned around 2300 BC). Jointly were these texts entitled Texts from pyramids and are even much more old than Egyptian book of deads.

Age of them can be comparable with Sumerian epos Enuma Elish, which, how it was enlightened and explained in works of Zecheria Sitchin deals with gods genesis, and they (gods) also simultaneously represent celestial bodies. After careful reading of some sequences from Texts from pyramids and with help of basic cosmogonic and astronomic knowledge quite clear goes in forward one clue, which is tied with history of our Solar system.

Interpretation of sequences' contents follows after every citation group.


Here I am, oh Re (god of Sun), am your son, am from gold...

Texts from pyramids, lines 886 - 889


Oh king, are that big star, Orion's companion, which pilgrim on sky with Orion, which sail (Duat's) underworld with Osiris, you set up on eastern part of sky, restored in right time. Sky had mother you together with Orion... (TP 882 - 883)



King (Horus) is big star (planet), which normaly (main part of time) occurs in constellation Orion in Duat, where he was also born and where from rejuvenated (brightened after on-coming to centre of Sun system) after certain time, time period set up on east.


Look he set up as Orion, look, Osiris set up as Orion...oh king, sky mother you with Orion, light of twilight brings you with Orion...regularly you will set up with Orion on eastern sky's part, regularly you will set down with Orion on west part of sky...your third will be Sophdet (Sothis)... (TP 820 - 822)


If Osiris set up during twilight with Orion it means, that it is (Osiris) celestial body, which is on sky in regular intervals (with certain period, after some time intervals) observable in nights. Appears inside or at constellation Orion and at Sirius. To mention area (he) also departs, again vanishes over there. If celestial body is long time invisible and then, on short time is lighten, while arrives in direction from specific (what is during every income the same) constellation and again fade there, so every facts prove, that there is motion of body with ultra elliptical path, similar to comet's orbit.

King is star...(TP 1583)

King is star, which enlights sky...(TP 362, 1455)


I get on board of this barge Re (solar barge)...Every gods rejoice, after they met me, how they rejoice from meeting with Re (Sun), when he get out from eastern sky's part in peace, in peace.

Sky trembles, earth shakes before the face of me, because I am magician, I have charms...I came while to could glorify Orion, that support Osiris to front, that settle gods on their thrones.

Oh Mohaf, bull of gods (Taurus, Hyads), bring me this (solar barge) and transport me on distant bank...Cane's laces on sky were prepared for me by barge of day, on them I (solar Horus - king) may get to Re on horizont. Cane's laces on sky were carried me down night barge, on them I may get to Horakhti in horizont. I am rising on eastern bank of sky, where gods are lined up how Horus, how he from horizont...(TP 471, 472, 473)


Planet X comes to inside of our solar system, where makes corrections of planetary positions (orbits) and motions. Earth shakes and sky trembles during approach to Earth, what is normal, because presence of enormous gravitational and magnetic fields during approaching to Earth. X's motion out goes somewhere from constellation Taurus, while during days (time of on-coming) is X visible on similar path to Sun's path. It must be very enlightened star (planet), especially in its perihelion to Sun, since X is clearly visible even during days. Milky way consequently (during nights) in that time (together with planet X) passes over sky on its bottom...(symbolism for Earth's redraw and so it also pays for sky).


... king, glittering like star and travelling far ...king is appearing as star...(TP 262)

Oh king, are this big star, Orion's companion, which crosses sky with Orion, which is floating through Duat with Osiris...(TP 882)

Reed's floods are forthcoming because me, that I can get to Re (to outgoing Sun) on horizont. I carry me across, that I can stand on eastern side of sky, where is (Re) in his northern area among not expirating stars, which are standing on their reeds and are sitting on their rises. I will stand among them, because Moon is my brother, morning star is my child...(TP 1000 - 1001)


During planet's (star's) return (Moon is its brother, morning star is its sister) to perihelion comes also to floods due to strong gravitational forces at approach to Earth. X's path goes cross through (or above) paths of other planets, Sun, Moon and so also under considerable angle (X) crosses ecliptic, or it is not nearly circular path, but much elongated ellipse. During some time, it means also part of orbital path, will be body in area among other planets. Sun is on northern sky's part among planets! On Egypt's latitude could been Sun observed on south only if Earth was redrawn and North pole was South and contrary.


Crooked water way is overflowed, fields of reed are full of water and me (dead king) they transport on distant southern side of sky, on place, where gods dressed me, where I was born as new (reborn) and young...look, I get up like star, which is on down side of sky... my sister is Sothis, my seed is morning star...(TP 343 - 357)


During flood, when is deludged crooked water way, is planet X passing on distant southern part of sky. Planet at the same time lightens, because is in perihelia near to Sun. If X passes on distant southern side, so before it should be on northern upper side. Here is clearly outlined Earth's redraw, after which constellation Orion lands on southern sky under ecliptic plane (from point of view night observers). Also directions of motions of X are here described exactly how they should be in periastron. Look at pictures where is painted path of X.

I am clean, I take own iron (bja) bones, stretch my eternal limbs, which are in womb of Nut...(TP 530)

My bones are iron (bja) and my limbs are eternal stars.

(TP 1454)

King's bones are iron (bja) and his limbs are eternal stars...(TP 2051)

Bones from iron should be iron (or from heavy metals) core of planet, or super dense centre of star.


Your sister (wife) is Isis, comes to you and looks forward on your love. You set her on your falus and ejected to her own seed, prepared as Sothis (Sirius) and Horus - Sopd (star) rose from you as Horus, who is in Sothis (TP 632)


Oh Re - Atum milt womb Nut with seed of spirit Sah, which is in her...(TP 990)

Pressure is in your womb, oh Nut, through seed of god, which is in you...

King Osiris answers on it: It I am seed of god, which is in you (TP 1416 -7)...king Osiris is eternal star, son of goddesses of heaven (TP 1469)...oh Re - Atum, king Osiris comes to you, eternal spirit...your son comes to you...(TP 152).

Here is outlined way of new planets (or stars) origin and it is by help of sucking matter by one from other star during their close stays in periastron. From sucked matter is formed so-called acretion disc about sucking star, and after some time is from it formed for example new planet. Falus is channel (also formed from sucked substance) through which goes sucking. Fact, that there are immense pressures inside of stars is well known in astronomy. Here can be also signified for Osiris (planet X) motion on sky after arrival from aphelion, in direction from constellation Orion to Isis (Sirius).


According Egyptian mythology was year initially divided on to 12 months and those were each 30 days, while 10 days formed so called decans. Year so was 360 days long. Later, from reason, that goddess Nut wanted to have children, she should someway win 5 days extra, in which was possible (against to malison) to conceive children (planets, stars). After simple calculation, if based on precise measurements we know - lengths of days are elongating as result of deceleration of Earth's axes rotation. It is in scale about 0,00237 second per day (32 seconds amendment during 37 years total), if consider, that this process is equidistant. Originally were 360 days long years, so it was about 500000 years ago (assumption that Earth's orbit had not changed too). Advent of god generation (Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nebtech) should come under time of arrival of Summerian gods (Annunaki, Nefilim) on Earth.

According encoded Summerian records about god rulers (list of kings W -B/144)) came first Nefilim around 4320000 years before big flood.

Oh Horus, this king is Osiris, this pyramid is Osiris, this building is Osiris, revoke to it ...1657 page 247, Texts from pyramids, quoted work.

Awake (Osiris) for Horus...spirituate you...Let staircase to heaven is built, to place, where is Orion...610, page 253

live, stay alive, be to Orion on sky...2180 - 1, page 305


Oh Osiris - king, you are that big star, Orion's companion, which is travelling (star) to Duat with Osiris...882 - 3, page 155


You will rise on sky, settle on your iron throne crossed Crooked water way on north of sky in star-wise form...Duat grasped you per hand and placed you, where Orion is... (TP 800 - 803)


It is outline of important relation between planet X and pyramid and their somewhat sort of connection, unity. Planet X after crossing perihelion lives to place of aphelion, to Duat, to constellation Orion, where she came from.


More data about planet X and about its orbit are on web page:


 Acoustics in temple complexes on Malta's islands


After research tied with ancient megalith temples near to some pyramids in Egypt

(see web page: or article ''Microwaves, Optics, Acoustics and ancient Egyptian temples''), I had luck to discover (probably it is really so and it must be thoroughly experimental proofed on place) very ingenious functions of temple complexes on Malta's islands. Here is also description how it had probably worked. Functions and structures of temples in Mnajdra, in Xaghra and of the temple of Hagar Qim were analogue to microwave generator and amplifier (to The Drift Double Cavity Klystron). Used but was other sort of waves (not electromagnetic but acoustic). Diametral different are also dimensions of compared generators.


Pictures and plans of investigated complexes




picture malt1




In Mnajdra, on the coast of island Malta, three temples in ruins look like wrecks of ships



picture 20Temples




The Ggantija Temples are found in Xaghra, a town in the small island Gozo.


To be better familiar with electronic device, which was and also till now is (in various technically modified versions) used as microwave power generator and amplifier must be especially historians, archaeologists, architects and other not electronic experts acquainted with this microwave technology, introduced to this technical area.


2. Scheme of The Drift Double Cavity Reflex Klystron



picture klystron14btangl




Theories of fields (acoustic, electromagnetic...) are very similar (partly the same) and it pays also for formulas and ways of realizations of various devices. As a generator for high frequency field was often used also double cavities (resonators) reflex klystron, which function is shortly here described. Scheme of this device is very similar to plans of temple complexes on Malta (see pictures 1, 2, 4).

Scheme of Drift two cavities (double resonator) klystron is on picture n. 3 (from book: Theory of Electromagnetic field, M. Noga, UK Bratislava, 1982, pg. 165,166).

Electrons leave the heated cathode and are accelerated by constant voltage (Uo) and focused by focusing elements. Electrons, which go to cavity of first resonator (1) have constant speed vo=(2eUo/m)1/2. Resonator 1 is input resonator, or modulator and resonator 2 is output resonator. On grates (screens) of first resonator is high frequency voltage, which cause speed modulation of electrons. In space between first and second resonator, which is called grouping space are quicker electrons reaching (running down) slow electrons and make periodical clusters. So density modulated electron beam cross second resonator and induce in it current, which in rhythm of cross flow in walls of resonator. On slots of second resonator after it rise high frequency voltage, which brakes clusters, so energy of beam is given to field of second resonator. This high frequency field follows in rhythm of modulation field of first resonator.

In experimental Klystron, are two more grids installed. The purposes of these are to "feel" the now pulsing beam of electrons as it passes by them on their way to the anode. Note that an electron does not have to come into direct contact with a wire in order to induce an electric current in it. All it has to do is pass near enough to generate the current in the wire via mutual inductance. In real case the grids in our klystron would be replaced by cavity resonators. Klystrons commonly used in Television work today typically have 4 to 5 cavities. Each cavity is individually tuned, and electromagnets are placed between cavities for focusing purposes. Klystrons can be either of the external cavity, or of the integral cavity type. They can be air, water, or vapour (steam) cooled, or some combination of the three.

Here below is a graphical representation of 4 cavities klystron tube. In the first cavity (the input cavity), the beam is excited by the microwave signal, which is intended be amplified. This generates an alternating signal across the gap of the cavity. The velocity of the electrons passing through the beam will be modulated with the RF input signal.

picture image006b

Compare scheme of multiple cavity klystron with plan of temple complex in Tarxien!

picture index.17





Each of the cavities is successively tuned in such a way as to reproduce a linear amplified input signal. In the output cavity, otherwise known as the ultimate cavity, the RF output signal is coupled to the transmission line and to load.



Complexes were used probably as generators of high frequency acoustic waves. Purposes were (maybe) to discourage, or even deafen potential enemies floating to Malta islands...Some legends says about sirens tempting or deafening seafarers (Odyssey,...).

Sirens were probably two persons standing on pedestals in the middle of complexes. Their singing modulated low frequency signals, which were generated on opposite ends of temples (in windows and in doors) simply with bell, or with vibrating metal plates or even was used stronger air draught.

Field of signal formed from groups of air particles (molecules) was before output amplified in second parallel opposite oval spaces of temple (analogue with resonator 2 of klystron).

Massive blocks used to construction of complexes (surrounded by, imbed to ground or to stone stuff) were very good resonant material, what also support presented theory.

At reconstruction experiment should be buildings covered (now are without ceilings), only after it is possible to arrange it.





picture planHQ






Plan of the temple of Hagar Qim resemble on another type of electromagnetic high frequency generator, on magnetron, used commercially in microwave ovens.






picture index.19




Dug in a block of limestone in temple of Hagar Qim, with analogy on subwoofer opening.


picture index.11





Typical decoration ornaments for temple complexes on Malta are spirals connected on outer ends together. This is symbolism for waves, or acoustical fields, which pass from one resonator to next resonator.

There are input and output points (stumps) on spiral's arms. These stumps represent openings, through air (draught) goes in, or out from temples, or places, where are primary vibrating megaliths - in middle part of temples, behind singing persons. Short arrows represent vibrating parts on which air flux makes jet (spiral) formations. These ornaments could be very nice ancient signs for this type (here described) of acoustical amplifiers. Similar signs are also on other megalithic temples in New Grange in Ireland and on British islands. Those temples are covered and have very unusual acoustical properties (researched by acoustical expert Dr. D. Keating from University of Reading and historian Aaron Watson). Observed were sound standing waves and sound alters, confused and indistinct echos, unusual spontaneous sounds generating. Some, covered (in England, in Wells) megalithic tombs have indoor configurations similar to ancient Malta's temples (Gower, Parc Cwm


picture pwmobbb





A klystron can look and works like an organ pipe or referee's whistle too.

In an organ pipe:

Blowing into the organ pipe produces a flow of air.

Flowing air excites vibrations in the cavity of the whistle.

The vibrations flow into the surrounding air as sound waves.

picture organpipeflow




Picture shows, what approximately runs over in flute like instrument, in pipe, or in whistle with air flux during whistling. More detailed video of such air flux and pictures are in [7] and on web page

Compare emerging air spirals with spiral ornaments decorating Malta's megalithic complexes.


picture maltawave




picture image03004




picture maltazena





Smaller or bigger statues of such obsolete women were found on many places on Malta (are also in megalithic temples). Compare with shape of discussed temples




The shape of Malta's megalithic temples corresponds, resemble to shape of human's vocal (voice) organs (lungs, throat, mouth) too.

Air is from lungs pressed through throat to mouth. Vocal chords and lips cause vibrations and these vibrations are amplified through air moving from lungs. Resonant cavities are lungs and mouth, partly also abdomen (you can test it self).

When speaking or singing person is more massive, when difference between pressures in lungs and outside of body is bigger, throat is more vibrating, after it is voice stronger.

In temples when draught was stronger (speed of wind was higher), when walls were better protected from outside (with gravel, soil) and when modulating (primary) sounds from singers, players or from vibrating membranes (placed in middle part of temples) were also stronger, so after it output sounds were more thundering too.

Another proof for existence of generation and amplification of acoustical or of other waves in structures similar to those from Malta is not completely finished Gothic church from Panenský Týnec u Loun (Czech Republic). This church is used for healing, because here are generated and amplified strong energy fields. Mr. MUDr RNDr Petr Nohel DrSc, who devotes also to bioenergetics, therapeutics had noticed me it. Complex in Tynec has got structure of magnetron with periodically placed resonant chambers (so called Helmholtz resonators) around main oval building. These side rooms are built in the same cuboid dimensions, what support this idea. It is easy possible to calculate frequencies for which it whole works. Buildings with such structures (not only in Egypt, on Malta, circular monumental building in Uzbekistan...) are also castle in Greek Tyrins (which was according legends built by giants). Similar elements are also in Colosseum and in Phoenician Carthage.


picture zonachramuengl





Narmer palette, or astronomical map representing constellation Orion and its stellar surroundings



According till now in historical literature published commentaries is on Narmer palette, which was excavated on temple court in Hierakonpolis in 1895 allegorically depicted victory of Egyptian ruler Narmer over his enemies. It could be indeed so. Why but glory of sovereign could not be even more emphasized by displacement of such important event on sky too. After it ruler, his deeds and merits become more close to gods living on heavens. Egyptian religion, if we so call it, was close tied with celestial bodies and with events on sky, and it is why such connection shouldn't be unusual.


Historical and astronomical analyses

Similar acts of devotion of antic heroes (how they become gods, or renowned) and displacement of them on night sky are well known from Greek mythology. At careful look on area of star sky around constellation Orion (picture next to front side of palette) is evident, that torso, up lifted hand holding mace and Narmer's head form constellation Orion. This interpretation was presented in [1] book " Ancient Egyptian Constellations" by its author Audrey Fletcher yet. Line drawn above ruler's head is ecliptic (from point of view of observer from Earth it is approximately line on which are moving planets, Sun, Moon). Position of this line toward constellation Orion doesn't change. On picture beside palette's front side is for illustration also drawn projection of Ecliptic with positions of planets, Moon, Sun, how it was recorded at 12 a.m. 11. 05. 2002.


picture orioneee





Direction and distance of Ecliptic from torso of Orion corresponds to direction and distance of line going above Narmer's head and above falcon, relative to position of Narmer's torso. Falcon's head corresponds to position of bright star Aldebaran. Bulls heads on the top of palette symbolize placing of constellation Bull (Taurus), which is set above Orion. Stick held in falcon's claws copies positions of stars on bow, with which usually is painted Orion (look at next picture of sky chart of mentioned constellation).


picture Orion4





Kneeling defeated enemy represents constellation Eridanus. Line on which is Narmer standing is in distance corresponding to twice distance of Celestial Equator (goes through Orion's band) from Ecliptic. To distribution of stars on presented map correspond relatively precise lines of figures and important points on middle part of front side of palette. If some star's positions precise don't copy scene from palette, it can be caused by relative motion of stars on sky during last minimal 5 thousands years, which elapsed since date of palette's production. Very distant and bright stars mostly seemingly shift less than stars closer to our solar system.

Rulers usually wanted, that also dates of their significant deeds would remain in memories of next generations. Because ruling dynasties change relatively often, way of eras counting too, records regarding lengths of ruling lose often, so why not to use again for dating more reliable celestial sky. Egyptians and Babylonians (Summers) knew about existence of so called precession motion of Zodiac constellations on sky. Earth's axis does rotating motion (spinning) so, that during nearly 2150 years shift of so called Zodiac constellations on perimeter of Ecliptic's projection makes about one twelfth of total Ecliptic's perimeter. For example at midnight on day of winter solstice (after 2150 years) will not be highest placed constellation Gemini, but Taurus, which follows after Gemini.


picture zodiacsigns





Period of Earth's axis precession motion is based on measurements and on some thousands years long observations cited as value around 25800 years and so then on every from twelve constellations falls in average 2150 years. How should be so dated Narmer palette? On bottom part of its front side is symbolic depicted constellation Gemini, while on bottom of palette's rear side is sign of Taurus. Constellations are in right order, how it is on sky and on Zodiac in accordance with precession motion. Bull breaks through gate and smashes sign of Zodiac, initially with twelve constellations (symbolic something like to teeth on gear-wheel).


picture narmerp1





It could be presentation of Taurus succession. Three nicked teeth would mean three eras, hence elapsed Zodiacal constellations (6450 years) since imaginary beginning of counting. There stayed eight intact teeth, signs for to close complete cycle. All together with bull (Taurus) are depicted on this part of palette twelve signs. Arrival of Taurus, while now we are before arrival of Aquarius (left about 150 years?), was about 6300 years ago. Beginning of this precession cycle so should come to years 12750 ago. It is in coincidence with records but also according researches based on probes [4] from Greenland and from Antarctic ice shields, dated to end of Atlantis and on time of last real Ice age (11500 till 13000) before present. Acknowledgment of correctness of reflections tied with signs, zodiac and precession are also depictions of signs of zodiac on other palette (Tehenu palette from Abydos) dated to nearly the same time as Narmer palette, to time of rule of Aha, who follows in lists of rulers Narmer.


picture ahasignsbbb





Signs of zodiacal constellations Lion and Scorpio measure with measuring devices on small zodiacs own appropriate times of rules (each one twelfth).


Old king's cemetery in Abydos was on beginning of the twentieth century again crosscut by German archaeologists, and were found also these two tablets, while second is actually mace head.


picture narmerbit




picture narmerwedd




picture narmer9hres





Interesting details are on rear side of Narmer palette too. Here, before ruler's statue walks four standards bearers toward tent beheaded bodies. Above these bodies is Sun barge. Before crown of sovereign is sign of rising sun, or star, similar to that sign from front palette's side, where is this sign placed above Ecliptic line. Between ruler and his sandal bearer is again sign of star (flower is less probable variant). Before drover is sign of over turning and sign of half Sun, usually interpreted as half-year long time interval. There is a bit too much astronomy around ruler, or not?


Similar depiction of Narmer, on which are nearly in the same manner equipped four standard bearers (in the top row) was found on another plate dated also to Narmer's time. Before bearers is circle inside of which is bull, what can be again sign of constellation Taurus. In middle row is not, how it was described till now bride for Narmer, but it is sign of rising or setting Sun, or of other celestial body. Why are not details on bride's face, when there are on faces of servant, bearers? Behind rising Sun are too many signs of moon (6). Why six? Together it is half-year time. Also sunrise is in sign of half circle. Sign of overturn, half circle is also on Narmer's palette. In bottom row is bull attempting to overturn persons above. Again is displayed succession of Taurus.

On second table is scene looking like mankind destruction. It is done by something resembling on Sun, planet or star, where secret flying celestial body is drawn beating with stick yet condemned people. This body is the same sign, how it is on Narmer palette. Lines of bird flying behind this secret sign are identical with lines of bird on previously described plate, what speaks for the same original, authorship of both plates. Sign of flying secret body was interpreted how catfish, and pronounced Nar, as first part of Narmer.


picture aha3




picture aha4






Two tables (repository in Abydos, dated to era of rule of sovereign Ahu) show altogether identical country, ships, houses, sphinx, flying formations, birds, zodiacs. Significant is one difference. On bottom plate is middle layer completely floated or floured. It is maybe appeal for archaeologists, mankind to uncover something floated, floured before ages?



Narmer palette is astronomical chart depicting constellation Orion too.

This palette commemorates arrival of sign Taurus

Arrival of Taurus was tied with astronomical event, which cost lives of many people.

Arrival of bright celestial body was tied also with big natural disasters, flood...

Dating of Taurus beginning is around 6300 years before present.

Beginning of last (our) whole precession cycle falls on circa 12750 years before present, on time now very good attested as last Ace age. Dating is valid if precession motion of Earth's axis was steady and without shifts.


picture nibirubigb



On this multi picture are some of ornaments, which are also placed on 15 years old carpet from my living room. Compare them with Senmut astronomical map, with scene on Chinese pottery. Path of Nibiru from Senmut map has got the same shape as ornaments in right and in left top corners of multi picture. Look at ornament in right bottom corner, which completely resemble on satellite used on Earth's geostationary orbit for signal retransmission, telecommunication purposes. Techen towers were probably used on exploitation of static electricity, or for invocation of rainfalls and are on carpet patterns in right side of picture. Depiction of stars on next ornament is alike to image of planet Nibiru (it could be also dwarf star, or neutron star) from Sumerian tablets, sealing rollers. About Oriental carpets is known, that their weavers were forced from tradition not to change patterns, ornaments, used colours. We can so see now maybe many thousands years old motives. It is, how is here visible possible, that here are depicted Atlantean or very old Egyptian, Sumerian scenes, technologies, discovery.



Techen towers and pyramid power plants


Maybe it is unusual and surprising, but in ornaments on old carpets are woven-in also schemes, and principle plans of advanced technologies, which come from vanished, thousands years old civilizations. These residues are probably the last ones, which can help revive forgotten, very sophisticated technologies and methods for exploitation of natural energy sources as are clouds and their water position and electrostatic energy. If after this manner had Atlantean or other advanced society produced electric energy, evoked rainfall in otherwise extreme dry regions, so it can be helpful for us to do it in similar way, and we can spare lot of energy inserted to research and development.

Important is to explain in detail what is on ornaments. On upper parts of three small pictures are beige coloured clouds, from which it starts to rain. Such clouds are usually in heights not more than two kilometres. Below clouds are very tall (till 1,5km) so-called Techen towers. These had shape like masts with taves. On ends of taves (cross-beams) are small flames, glowing discharges. Sometime we can during bad weather see such glows on high masts. On both sides of Techens are constructions, another towers, which had inside turbines, how it is more clearly visible on third small picture in right upper corner. There were more turbines equally distributed along heights of these towers and so kinetic energy of falling water could be more effectively utilized. Among towers are pyramids. If we compare (on pictures) heights of these pyramids with distances between clouds and earth's surface, so from these relations it is about 150 meters for pyramid's heights, what is in coincidence with dimensions of big pyramids in Giza. Also on lower parts of these three pictures are ornaments resembling to plans, placing of pyramids in Giza, or also to Orion's belt visage. In middle parts of small pictures are cupola shaped, or parabolic devices, which were used for concentration of solar energy to places in temple complexes next to pyramids, where this energy was used for excitation of water flowing through these so called temples to pyramids. Principle of this amplifier was similar to optical fibre amplifier EDFA, where light from external source pumped into fibre can amplify optical signal (with other frequency) going through this fibre. Look at open part of Mortuary temple at Chaphre pyramid (picture nibirutechen2, chafretem111). On these pictures is also interwoven sort of charge exchange between clouds and surface. There are red marks (positive charges) going from clouds and electronegative charged earth. Arc holes, shafts next to pyramids and temple complexes were used for placing and fixation of colossal constructions, how it is represented on pictures. See also foundations of Techen towers. What I can tell more. You can think about, or stay orthodox follower of tomb version for pyramids.


picture nibirutechen2






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